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Sacred Sunday Forest Tromp

Sunday, July 20      

11 am –  4 pm (bring lunch)

With special guest Hildegard of Bingen, an influential eleventh-century abbotess, herbalist, composer, writer, and prophet.  On this tromp we’ll look for inspiration in her poetry, choral music, and the ‘Verititas’ of green plant life as healing.

I am the breeze that nurtures all things green/….I am the rain coming from the dew/that causes the grasses to laugh/with the joy of life.
Here are versions of Hildegard’s choral works and a pretty good feature film.

Meet Sunday 11 am at Davis/ Lick Creek parking lot.  We’ll carpool to the East Fork of the Lake Fork trailhead.  Return at 4pm.   Tromps are always free.  Included in Love Your Summer Bundle.

Pack a journal and pen(cil), water, harvesting bags, and lunch.  I’ve got The Beer.

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