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Fall Equinox Herbalist Gathering

Mavens’ Haven

September 19-21

$20 each class



Friday, Sept 19

9 ~ 10 pm

Feeling out of sorts or disconnected?  Come home to your self with a restorative yoga nidra, or rest.  For an entire hour, you’ll simply lie still in a soft “nest” experiencing a sensory bath of guided meditation, poetry, massage, sacred music, and more.  By adding some deep breathing techniques, we can drop into the healing place of the Alpha-Theta brain waves.  At these frequencies, you are relaxed and aware in a light meditative state.  Here is where we access creative visualization, insight, intuition, and spiritual connection.   Feel your stress dissolve and let your mind/body/spirit rest for an entire blissful hour.



Saturday, Sept 20

10 am ~ 12:30 pm

Let’s go forage herbs and inspiration!   We’ll foray into the woods with curiosity, receptivity, and our creative muses.   Different forest *gardens* will inspire prompts for writing, drawing, or meditation.  You don’t need to know a thing about writing, drawing, meditating, being creative, or even believe you are.  Let the forest lead you to revelation.  Please bring a journal or notebook and pen(cil)s.  Fee includes follow-up help with writing revisions and Herbal Horehound beer.



Sunday, Sept 21

8:30 ~ 10:30 am

Learn and receive the comfortable, therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage.   The tradition of Thai massage sees massage as an act of respect, love, and prayer.   As such, it is a beautiful form offering a unique blend of stretches and pressure.  You will learn how to use your body weight, feet, knees, elbows, and palms of your hands to give a gentle yet firm massage.  Thai massage is fully clothed, easy to learn, and fun.

Go here for full event details, including other classes.

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