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Integral Life Design

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Approaches to Balance and ResilienceGE DIGITAL CAMERA

October 31 ~ November 2, 2014

(Formerly Five Element Life Design)

presented by
Renée Silvus, M.A.,Whole Health Educator
Holistic Health & Healing


Darcy Williamson, Herbalist & Chef

In this weekend, we will explore your personal universe of body, mind, spirit, and shadow with Integral Life Practices.   We may use deep practices like breath work, meditation, writing practices, brain entrainment, self-inquiry and more to access self-awareness, insight, vision, and healing.  Each participant will create a set of personal life practices and exercises to take home.   The Haven’s abundant harvests and Darcy’s experienced guidance will provide nourishing meals.

Each participant will receive a private coaching session from Renée prior to the weekend.  This will help prepare you for the immersion and assist in specifically designing the weekend.  She will then provide follow-up accountability and support after the weekend.

A sample list of Life…

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