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Fall Special~ Into the Darkness!

Support for Winter

Many people experience dread and depression as we move into winter.  Let’s shift that into calm anticipation and a cultivation of rest and rejuvenation.

Winter is the time to tap into our resources, like retrieving harvests from the root cellar.  We go inside ourselves for vision and find nourishment in warming foods, creative projects, and learning.

Mythology also provides inspiration~ what may Persephone and Innana teach us about going into the underworld?

This 2 month-long program includes:

Supply of St. John’s Wort for biochemical support
Autumn recipes and menu guidelines
Readings and discussion
Personal coaching and accountability on creating:
fresh life vision
outlets for creativity
regular movement
reading/audio/study choices
Guided Restorative Meditation
Games and Poetry Nights

Special Add-on~ supported weekend at Mavens’ Haven with meals, lodging, sauna, and restorative activities.

Value: $425
Your Investment: $149

Call or email today; it’s already getting darker!

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