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12 Unique Gifts & Parties

Recently when I was shy about sharing my offerings, the sweet instigator said, “Don’t hide what you can give us~ we need to know!”  

Here you are.  12 offerings just for sacred geometry.  I can (e)mail a gift certificate for anything you want.

FT = available with FaceTime.

1. One hour consultation on just your health: having an honest look at where you are, giving you current information, creating a plan, and establishing accountability structures.  Includes follow-up visit and email support.  FT

2. One hour life coaching consultation where you talk talk talk about any any anything and I listen, get curious about you, reflect, and go underneath some surfaces.  We co-create some practices and structures.  Includes email and phone follow-up.  FT

3. Games Party Facilitation at your house or Team-Building at your office.  Throw an unforgettable holiday party!  Two hours of activities designed for developing curiosity, honesty, authenticity, and appreciation.  Multiple themes available.

4. Three hours tutoring or mentoring your teenager, who I will see with fresh and appreciative eyes.  FT

5. Three hours editing and consulting about the manuscript you haven’t told anyone about yet. FT

6. Guided, custom pantry and grocery store consultations.  We assess your pantry, determine some healthy meal options, then go shopping.  Garbage bag included for what I toss!   FT

7. A fabulous whole foods, organic dinner for 4 prepared in your kitchen or mine. We co-create the menu.  I provide the ingredients, including Mavens’ Haven herbal beer.  Snap.

8. The fabulous dinner in your kitchen plus the loving pantry consultation.

9. Private Guided Restorative Meditation in your home for up to 8 people.  Multiple themes available.

10. Private Hero’s Journey presentation and discussion with as many people as your living room holds.  We’ll go deep and personal with your life stories.

11. 90 minute bodywork/massage gift certificate you weren’t planning on giving.

12.  Custom design your own Intentional Party!  How are you inspired?

What jumps out at you?  What makes you feel a little excited or curious, and you can’t stop thinking about it?  That’s YOURS.

Maybe you want to gift yourself.

To keep it simple, each offering is $102.  As a sweet bonus, I will include TWO guest passes for one of my upcoming events at Shanti, a $30 value.  Guided Restorative Meditation on 4th and random Fridays, dancing and game nights TBA.

Payment on Square super-easy here.   Travel fee applies to out-of-area home visits.

Purchase through December 24.  ‘Cause there’s more good stuff coming for January.  Six months expiration.

Call or email today.  We’ll have to wrangle schedules, so let’s get started!

208 634 3342

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