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The Call to Adventure, Begin the Exploration!

I hope you are enjoying the idea of 2015 as an Adventure.  I love how this map includes celebration and darkness, monsters and mentors, temptations and goddesses.  This helps give permission to accept ALL the messy beauty.

If you missed downloading your 2015 Adventure Roadmap, here it is again.

Remembering the beginning questions~ What are your values?  How do you want to feel?  What will you do differently this year, and what is Calling you?

Now, time to CALL IN your Resources!

Here is how the web of our lives, stories, and adventures gets so cool.  To help kickstart a powerful 2015 that is true to your values, desires, and possibilities, you can call on my help.  For me to live my Calling to heal, teach, and inspire, I need you too.

My invitation is to Mentor your 2015 Adventure Kickoff.   Here is what you get:

Coaching visit or call to establish your Departure:
What is working in your life
What are your values
How you want to feel
What you want to do differently
What is possible
What are your resources
Week 2 phone or FaceTime follow-up
Support for Thresholds~ getting over the tipping point of a change
Unfamiliar Terrain~ courage for uncertainty
Temptations and Monsters~ being honest about your fears
Week 3 follow-up
Leave the Quest Test~ the lure to be lazy or quit
Losing the Mentor~ habituating your changes
Descent into Darkness~ honoring the hard lessons
Week 4 follow-up
Your Gift to the World~ your responsibility to be yourself
Freedom to Live~ standing in your power

Isn’t this COOL?  

My intentions are always for healing and transformation.  The Adventure paradigm is based on psychological underpinnings we express in stories and art as some of our deepest shared experiences of being human.  It is simply another tool for understanding and healing our lives.

By acknowledging the necessity of archetypes like Gifts, Allies, Thresholds, and so on, we may accept their roles, influences, and outcomes.  My last time in the Belly of the Whale taught me respect for my body, to ask for help, and appreciation for my community who helped me.  I know next year I will have some big Thresholds to cross, and I am identifying my Allies and strengthening my Gifts.

By now you might be wondering, “Is she gonna charge me for this?”

Value so far: $450
Your Investment: $155
Early Bird Pricing: only $115 if purchased by 10 pm MST on Tuesday, January 6.

Offer includes Bonus Number One~

Enrollment in my Hero’s Journey Series, January 15, 22, and 29 at the McCall Public Library, 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Priced at $30.  In these three evenings, we will dive into the roadmap with literature, art, mythology, film clips, and personal discussion.  You can expect a fun and revealing evening.

And Special Bonus Number Two~

Enrollment in my Hero’s Journey Course at Mavens’ Haven, January 31-February 2.  Deeper dive into literature, art, mythology, film clips, group collaboration, and personal support.  Yummy meals, lodging, and educator continuing education credit available for purchase.  Priced at $100.  Sauna and inspiring Salmon River included!

Value now: $580
Your Investment still only $115 if purchased by 10 pm MST on Tuesday, January 6.
After January 6: $155

What you receive:
The Adventure Roadmap to help generate your 2015 personal vision
A month of guidance to manifest your 2015 personal vision
My personal, creative and unwavering commitment to you
A 3-night discussion series
A full weekend course


Thank you, as always, for allowing me to inhabit the Mentor archetype.  Don’t worry, I get to be the Monster sometimes and the Wild Card plenty.

Click here to kickstart your 2015 Adventure. 

There are no safe paths in this part of the world. Remember you are over the Edge of the Wild now, and in for all sorts of fun wherever you go.  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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