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Exploring the Hero’s Journey

Embrace your Adventure.   Be the Transformation.    Step into Wisdom.

An interactive slideshow, discussion, and personal inquiry with mythology, art, literature & Film 

Cabin Fever Series, McCall Library, 6:30 pm~ 8 pm, $30

January 15:  Receiving the Call, Departure~

Learning to recognize when a call is arriving.  Understanding different kinds of calls, where they come from, and the ways we respond?

January 22: Initiation and the Road of Trials and Adventures

We begin with a review and finish the Departure discussion~ accepting help and resources.   Exploring the broad array of threshold possibilities, both external and inner, along with the complexity of the belly of the whale.

The Road of Trials contains archetypes such as the monster, shapeshifter, meeting the goddess, tests, and the descent into darkness.  How is that different from the Belly of the Whale?  Why do we meet with the goddess and find atonement (At One With) the Father figure?   Who are our shapeshifters and how do we handle them?

Good stuff.

January 29: The Return and our Role in the World

Refusal, Magic Escape, or Rescue
Crossing the Return Threshold
Gift to the World
Rejection or Acceptance of the Hero’s Gifts
Master of Two Worlds, the Hero Integralist
Freedom to Live

Watch my Film Montage Introduction here.MAHC LOGO


WEEKEND Retreat and Course: 

January 31 ~ February 1, 2015 

Mavens’ Haven in Lucile, ID

Every few years yet another film arrives telling the same story~ Star Wars, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games.  Why does this storyline continue to fascinate us and attain blockbuster status?

Pieter_Lastman_-_Jonah_and_the_Whale_-_Google_Art_ProjectThe research of mythologian Joseph Campbell offers a powerful answer.  The adventures and archetypes of the hero’s journey resonate deeply with our human experience,  especially in our search for meaning and purpose.

Using Campbell’s inspiration, we may also apply aspects of the Hero’s Journey to our own lives.  We may gain a richer appreciation for the timeless beauty of these stories and an eye for narsilvariations yet to come.

Join us for a lively and engaging discussion.

Weekend Retreat and Course Pricing:

Retreat/Course Fee: $100

One Night’s Lodging  $75

Two Night’s Lodging $100

Three Night’s Lodging  $150

Organic, whole food meals will be available for purchase all weekend.

One Unit Educator CEU available through Northwest Nazarene University: $60

Please pay retreat/course deposit here or mail to Renee at PO Box 2215, McCall 83638.  Indicate lodging and meals request with deposit.   You may also direct questions to  Renée at

Weekend lodging and facility details at

Course Logistics


Friday 30 January

Lodging and dinner available

Saturday 31 January

8-9:30 am  Breakfast available

10:00 COURSE BEGINS:  Overview, Departure

1:00 Lunch break

2:00 Departure continued.  Initiation.

5:00 Break.  Sauna available

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Film Viewing and Discussion

Sunday 1 February

8-9 am  Breakfast available

9:00 Initiation Continued

1:00 Lunch break

2:00 The Return


6:00 Dinner available

7:00 Optional Film Viewing

Lodging Available

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