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Happy 200 Birthday, Thoreau. Getting to Know Henry, an Interactive Slide Show 

February 8, 2018

6:30 ~ 8:00 pm

McCall Public Library

A MAHC Cabin Fever Event, $5 Donation

Come meet the Thoreau You Don’t Know, the guy with a reputation in his time for being HUMOROUS.

We’ll celebrate Henry with some photos and stories Renée recently collected in Henry’s hometown of Concord, MA.  There’s the mythology around his two years at Walden Pond.  Colorful notions of a cantankerous idler belie the voluminous journals, letters, lectures, books, poems, essays, and surveys.


Were those long daily walks frivolous or fodder for creativity?  Scientists today are grateful~ they have precise measurements from a nineteenth- century natural historian.  We also have our personal and collective philosophic inheritance, ways we’ve received a deep wisdom and made it our own.

In this evening we’ll look at places and artifacts, read a little brilliance, and discuss how to Live like Thoreau.


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