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Play and Living with Joy as Spiritual Practice

UCC Women’s Camp
Pilgrim’s Cove Camp and Conference Center, McCall, ID
August 8, 2018
After Dinner Keynote and Activity
7 – 8:30 pm

How can we understand play and living with joy as spiritual practice?

In this evening’s keynote address, Renée will talk about her journey and insights with brewing beer, leading people to bridge dancing, creating events, and more~ all the while a child of strict Methodist upbringing where joy was mentioned in that song at Christmas.

We will look at how we choose to spend our time, with an eye on conscious living from a place of genius, creativity, and a personal yes.

Let’s examine our judgments about play and joyful expressions~ how ‘suspending your judgment’ can be a trap. Rather, exploring judgement as a window to awareness.

We will consider how we understand our responsibilities to ourselves and others. What does this really mean as we become more fully, authentically ourselves?

Finally, what do we consider sacred as the container, vehicle, and expression of spiritual practice?  How can we appreciate and even cultivate the commonplace as sacred opportunity?

To attend the full retreat from August 7-9, contact Lori Roberts at

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